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Do you Know RuBee? 07/15/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.

The IEEE has begun work on a new standard, IEEE P1902.1, which will improve upon the visibility network protocol known as RuBee. RuBee is a bidirectional, on-demand, peer-to-peer, radiating, transceiver protocol operating at wavelengths below 450 Khz. This protocol works in harsh environments with networks of many thousands of tags and has an area range of 10 to 50 feet.

Full Press Release of the IEEE

More on RuBee from Wikipedia

Article from RF Design



1. Catherine - 08/11/06

I’m very interested to the technology RuBee – IEEE P1902.1
Could you give me please, some inofmrations: papers, standard, articles, …

King regards

2. Gilles - 08/11/06

It’s actually a rather new initiative, so the only IEEE document I found is the one above. There is a pretty good coverage (including opinions) by eWeek. Check the article here.

3. www.ggmmu.com - 05/25/13

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4. Joe - 07/1/13

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