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This site gathers news and links about wireless sensor network technologies, applications, products, and the main players in the field. This is mainly a tool I use in my daily work and I’m glad to share it with all of you who have the same interests as me. You are more than welcome to contribute your thoughts and knowledge by posting comments or suggesting new links or improvements. My intention is also to post personal views whenever time allows it. The opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not reflect my company or employer in any way.

I’m always keen to exchange views with people interested in these topics. Feel free to contact me, in English, French or Spanish. If you want to know more about me, check this link.



1. David Gascón - 09/20/07

Hi ,
we are Libelium, a spinoff company of the University of Zaragoza (Spain),
we know your work in the field of Sensor Networks and we thought you may
have interest in a new project we have developed. It is called
SquidBee : http://www.squidbee.org

It is an *open Hardware* and Software mote which tries to set a common
device for the Universities and Research Centers which are developing
Sensor Networks. It is also a teaching platform because students can
study and change any part of it.

We have set two ways in order to create a live community on the research
of open source and hardware sensor networks:

1º) A wiki where each research group can upload all the information of
their projects related with SquidBee, ZigBee, sensors,…
2º) Mailing lists:
– A news mailing list to receive just the advances in the
SquidBee project
– A hacking mailing list for everybody to post all the
questions, motivations….derived from the development of a project

I wish you find the project interesting and you can help us to go on
with the development.


David Gascón

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