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Study Says UWB, ZigBee Chipset Sales to Increase over Next Three Years 09/13/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.
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A new study from Frost and Sullivan indicates that sales of ultrawideband (UWB) and ZigBee chipsets will increase significantly over the next three years.

More about this on The Wireless Report


Wireless Technology for Process Manufacturing 08/16/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.
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ARC Advisory Group has released a new study providing 5-year market analysis and forecast through 2010 for wireless process manufacturing. Strategic issues discussed in that report are:

  • Who are today’s leading suppliers in major market segments?
  • Which industries and regions have higher potential for growth?
  • What factors are critical for adoption of new WSNs?
  • What will be the role of ZigBee and other standards on wireless device adoption?

Report from ARC

Gartner’s Hyped Technologies for 2006 08/10/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.
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As pointed out today by the WSN Blog, Gartner released its annual report on hyped technologies with the following comment about Sensor Mesh Network technologies: “The market is still immature and fragmented, and there are few standards, so suppliers will evolve and equipment could become obsolete relatively rapidly. Therefore, this area should be seen as a tactical investment, as mainstream adoption is not expected for more than ten years.” Rather careful statement…

Article from Out-Law.com

Report from Gartner

ZigBee, Z-Wave, Other RF Home Control Technologies Face Litigation Risk 08/2/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.
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That’s what a new report by WTRS, “Residential Wireless Control Network IP and Patent Report”, claims. With such a title they are pretty sure to drive much attention to their report… Is this a real threat or just the usual buzz around companies fighting against standardization initiatives? Not very clear so far… Inputs or comments welcome…

Article from RF Globalnet

WTRS Report Page

ZigBee FAQ 08/2/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.
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When I started to get interested in ZigBee I felt that some kind of FAQ document was missing. Here is a first attempt. It obviously is incomplete, so all contributions and comments will be very well received!

ZigBee FAQ Document

Do you Know RuBee? 07/15/06

Posted by Gilles in Technologies.

The IEEE has begun work on a new standard, IEEE P1902.1, which will improve upon the visibility network protocol known as RuBee. RuBee is a bidirectional, on-demand, peer-to-peer, radiating, transceiver protocol operating at wavelengths below 450 Khz. This protocol works in harsh environments with networks of many thousands of tags and has an area range of 10 to 50 feet.

Full Press Release of the IEEE

More on RuBee from Wikipedia

Article from RF Design